S-Tu08: River Raid

Turn Survival Guide

Mission 8: River Raid

Enemy CO: Javier
Recommended CO: Grit works very nicely here, but anybody will do fine. I’ll be using Andy.

General strategy: Ah. Finally. One of the most annoying Survival missions. Man, I could tell you were waiting for this one.
Note: I’m going to be moving all the units in the south, and then start moving them north. Make sure to keep up with me.

Day 1:Take the Megatank one south and three west. Move the Neo up one and ram it into the Battleship. Bring the Md. Tank and hit the B-ship from the other side. Move your Tank north a couple and hit the Black Boat. Retreat your Artillery in between your Rocket and APC. Take your Lander west four spaces and south one. Now take your Megatank and advance it west. Hit his other B-ship with your Neotank and your Md. Tank again. Move the Tank under your Neo and hit his Black Boat. Move the Rocket into the forest. Take your APC three spaces to the west.

Javier: Hits you with his B-ships. Not very hard though…

Day 2: Continue your attack on the B-ship with the Neo/Md. Tank. It should be 5 or 6HP now, right? Meh. That’s good enough. Move your two indirects in range of being able to hit it. Make sure you take the Sandstorm into account. Move your Mega as close to the action as you can get it. Move your Tank to go hit his Black Boat. Alright, now for the north. Hit his B-ship with the Neo/Md again. Once more, move your Indirects in. They should be in striking range of the his trigger-happy boat. Pick a Black Boat and shoot it with your Tank. Take the APC south one space. Cover that spot back up by putting your Megatank on it. That should keep it warm and cozy.

Javier: Screws up so much it’s kinda funny. Hits your Indirects with his B-ships, but that ain’t half of what you’re going to do to him.

Day 3: Rip his Battleship apart with your Indirect units. Is it surviving by anything? Save. Hit the Cruiser with the Neotank, then bring your Md. Tank down to where your Neo was and shoot it. If luck didn’t swing your way, reset it and try again. If the B-ship did die by the indirect units, improvise. But anyway, take the Megatank straight into your opponent’s Lander. It always liked guests…Move the APC in and refuel the Rocket/Artillery. Nail the Black Boat with your Tank. Hit his remaining B-ship with your Rocket, then kill it with the Artillery. Again, if things go a little different than planned, improvise. Move the Mega right in between your Rocket and Artillery units. Move your Tank up and hit one of the Black Boats. Take your Md. Tank and hit the other. Move the Neotank down and hit the Carrier.

Javier: Tries running, but it doesn’t work very well.

Day 4: Nail whatever you can with the Indirects. Bring your Megatank up and torture the Carrier. Bring your Neo back to where your Mega was and kill the Lander. Continue hitting the Carrier with your Megatank. Bring your APC around and heal both of them. Hit the Black Boat with your Tank. Move the Artillery to the left just a little bit…a certain number of spaces isn’t necessary, but it has to go somewhere next turn. Move it all the way over. He’s trying to run with his 3HP Black Boat, right? Come kill it with the Neotank. Poor thing never had a chance. Hit the Carrier with the Md. Tank. Hit the Cruiser with the Tank. Hit the Black Boat with the Megatank. Move the Artillery one space above the Mega. Move the Rocket one west. Bring the APC in.

Javier: Nothin’ worth mentioning…

Day 5: Kill the Black Boat with the Neo. Move the Tank over to hit the Lander. Move the Mega next to the Tank and hit the Cruiser. Move your Md. Tank in and hit the next Cruiser in line. Move the Artillery under the Megatank. Resupply the Neotank with your APC. Move your Rocket unit east two spaces (on the eastern side of the forest). Hit the Black Boat with the Neotank. Why won’t these blasted things die?! Move your Md. Tank all the way east. Move you Tank under it. Punish the Carrier with your Mega, then refuel it. Move your Rocket west a space. Move the Artillery one south and one east.

Javier: You know something. For being honorable and chivolrous, Javier sure runs a lot, don’t you think?

Day 6: Hit his Black Boat with your Artillery. Hit his Carrier with your Md. Tank. Back-step with your Tank one space. Ram your Megatank’s bullet right into the side of his Lander. Give his Cruiser a shove by hitting it with your Neotank right where it is. Tell your APC to give your Tank and Md. Tank a hug. For the northern front. Don’t let that Carrier get away. Move your Neo east two spaces and rock the boat. But the APC right in between your Rocket, Artillery, and Md. Tank and refuel all of them. Bring the Md. Tank south two and hit the Cruiser. Move your Tank one east and two south and follow suit. Take your Rocket two south and two east. Move your Artillery west one, then your Megatank east two.

Javier: Probably has his Super Power by now.

Day 7: Hit whatever you can with your Indirects. Take your Neo and hit the Cruiser. Then just ram whatever units you can with your Tanks. His force should be down to 4 now. Bring your Tank two south and four east. Now hit his Cruiser with your Neo. Roll your Md. Tank in and hit his Carrier. Kill the Black Boat with your Artillery. If it didn’t die…well…let it feel another Megatank shot. Move your APC in between your Tank and Md. Tank and refuel them. Take your Mega east one space.

Javier: Makes the grave mistake of fusing his Cruisers.

Day 8: Time to put his to rest. Start by hitting his Cruiser with your Rockets. Finish his Cruiser off by means of your Neotank. Pull your Md. Tank back one and save it. Hit it with your Neo. If luck didn’t go your way, reset and try again.


Speed: 50
Power: 50
Technique: 50

Score: 150/150
Turns used: 8

Well…wasn’t that endless. But, it’s done and over with, and you’re almost in the clear now.

Strategy by GraveNeedle.