S-Tu07: Fenced In

Turn Survival Guide

Mission 7: Fenced In

Enemy CO: Max
Recommended CO: Yet again, anybody works fine. Kanbei and Eagle are fine choices. Due to their lowered attack, try not to take Colin, Grit or Drake.

General strategy: We’re getting up there. Five more to go. Even better is the fact that this is an easy mission. Strange, seeing how as we’re almost done, isn’t it?

Day 1: Move your northwestern Stealth all the way East, and cloak it. Take the northeastern one and move it 5 south and 1 west, and cloak it. Move the SE Stealth all the way west, and cloak it. Take your last Stealth and move it 2 east and 4 north, and, you guessed it; cloak ‘er. Move the rest of your air units TWO SPACES toward the center. They should all be on reefs, and safe from Max’s Carrier attacks.

Max: Literately does nothing.

Day 2: Hit every seam with the Stealth unit that is closest to it.

Max: Repairs his two B-Ships. Wow…that was pretty close. I thought they were going to sink for sure.

Day 3: Break all the seams with your Stealths. Take your two Bombers and nail both of his aircraft Carriers with them. Take your southern B-Copter and move it in between your Stealth and Bomber. Take the next southern B-Copter and hit the Lander with it. Repeat with the other side.

Max: Hits one of your units with the Carrier, and then fuses both of them together. Nothing important.

Day 4: Kill the Carrier with your Bomber. Now take your southern Stealth and hit the Lander on the west side. If luck didn’t swing your way, hit it with the Copter that’s on the other side of it. Move your western Stealth in two spaces and hit the Black Boat. Now take your southern B-Copter and hit the same Black Boat. Take your northern Stealth and hit the remaining Lander. Again, hit it with the Battle Copter on the other side if luck didn’t go how you wanted it to. Bring the Stealth in a pair of spaces, hit the Black Boat. Bring the northern Copter down and hit her again from the north side. Move your Bomber to the right one space and hit the B-Ship.

Max: Here’s Max Blast. He can’t do anything with it though.

Day 5: Y’see that Battleship you hit last turn with your Bomber? Take it down with the Stealth unit right above it. Hey, you just sank his battleship! Anyway, take one of your full HP Copters and finish off his Black Boat. Move your southern Bomber over again and hit his southern B-Ship. Bring the closest Stealth down to kill it. Repeat with the NW one. As for his last B-Ship, hit it with your Stealth, then hit it again with your Copter to trap it in.

Max: Takes even more steroids to try to get out of this.

Day 6: Sink his Battleship.


Speed: 50
Power: 50
Technique: 50
Pipe Seams: 20

Score: 170/150
Turns used: 6

Yeah, so that one wasn’t hard at all. But when your facing down Max with nothing but a swarm of Indirect units, what do you really think is going to happen?

Strategy by GraveNeedle.