S-Tu05: Rain of Pain

Turn Survival Guide

Mission 5: Rain of Pain

Note: This map has FoW

Enemy CO: Sonja
Recommended CO: Again, anybody will work. Sonja probably gets a special mention here though.

General strategy: Right-o. Here’s the fifth mission in Turn Survival. It’s basically a hide-and-seek Advance Wars game. Not too hard, if you know your way around Fog of War. Or shall we say…rain?
Note: It’s raining, so get ready for some heavy fog.

Day 1: Move the southwestern sub east four spaces and north one. Move the next Sub in line all the way east. Move the next one four east, one north. Move the last Sub in all the way. Move the northern Black Boat south two spaces. Move the remaining Black Boat west three and north two spaces. Now for the poundin’. Hit the Artillery with your southern B-Ship. Move your northern copter in and hit the other Artillery. Move the next Copter in line to finish it off. Hit the eastern Recon with your remaining Battleship. Alright, next, take your southern-most B-Copter and move it east four spaces and north 2. Finally, hit the Artillery you just found with your B-Copter.

Sonja: Kinda hard, but try to watch where her units go. They pretty much just hide in parts where you can’t see.

Day 2: See the second northern-most Sub? Move it south one space and west two. With your two southern Battle Copters, attack the southern Recon. Now take the southern Black Boat south two and west two. Hit the Artillery you just found with the B-ship. While your down here, take both of your Copters and run them into the southern Recon unit. Let’s go back up for a second. Kill the Artillery with your other B-Ship. Take your northern B-Copter and go hit the EASTERN Recon with it. With your remaining B-Copter, move it south one space and hit the enemy Black Boat. Then move your Black Boat down one space to trap it. We’ll deal with this thing next turn. Take your northern Sub west all the way. Take the next northern Sub and take it west all the way.

Sonja: She should activate her Super CO Power. Other than that, nothing highlightable.

Day 3: Take the SECOND southern-most Sub up one space and ram it into the Black Boat. Next take your northern Black Boat up one space. Take your northern Sub and shoot the western Black Boat full of holes. Take your next northern Sub and move it one west and two south, revealing a Tank. Nail the Tank you just found with both B-Ships. Order the northern Copter to move west one space and hit the Recon. Take the next Copter and repeat. Hit the Tank in front of your Sub with your remaining Copters. Take that same Sub north two and west two. Take your remaining Black Boat up next to the forest on the southwestern island. All four of her units are in sight.

Sonja: Tries to run. Realizes that she’s trapped on an island.

Day 4: Take the 8HP Copter and kill of the tank in the southeastern island. Run your remaining Copter all the way west. Hit the Tank with your Battleship. Kill the Black Boat with a Sub. Then insert a few bullets into the Recon with your other B-Ship. Now just move in with your remaining Battle Copters.

Sonja: Cries.

Day 5: Kill it.


Speed: 50
Power: 50
Technique: 50

Score: 150/150
Turns used: 5

Our first Fog of War mission is out of our way. See? It wasn’t really that tough. The next one is quite…interesting.

Strategy by GraveNeedle.