S-Tu04: Aircraft Hunt

Turn Survival Guide

Mission 4: Aircraft Hunt

Enemy CO: Sensei
Recommended CO: Anybody but Blankie.

General strategy: Remember the last mission? Mr. Fix-it? Well, this is the opposite end of the spectrum. Probably easier than the beginning mission in Normal Campaign. It’s that easy.

Day 1: Release the two Copters inside of the Carrier. Send your western AA south and hit the western Copter. Move the other north and hit the north Copter. End.

Sensei: Moves his Copters in…Why? I don’t know.

Day 2: Nail the NW Copter with the Missile unit. Hit the Copter that’s four spaces east from your Carrier with the Carrier. Finish off the east and west Copters with your two AAs. Hit his other two copters with your Copters.

Sensei: Whatever.

Day 3: End this pointless level.


Speed: 50
Power: 50
Technique: 50

Score: 150/150
Turns used: 3

Wow…now that one was hard, wasn’t it? You just wait.

Strategy by GraveNeedle.