S-Tu03: Mr. Fix-It

Turn Survival Guide

Mission 3: Mr. Fix-It

Enemy CO: Andy
Recommended CO: Anybody is fine, but Andy helps a lot.

General strategy: Please enjoy your stay at one of the most annoying early Survival missions there is. The first objective is to stop that Infantry from launching the missile. It’s alright if it does, but it adds much more frustration than needed.

Day 1: Start by Repairing the two eastern Battleships (1HP each). With the second Battleship from your right, attack the Infantry that is right next to Andy’s Neotank. Move the eastern most Battleship north one and east three (diagonally up/left of your other B-Ship). With the next Battleship in line, move it one space above the reef. Move your last B-Ship in all the way. Advance your Black Boat all the way east as well. Order the Infantry one east and two south.

Andy: Moves his units in.

Day 2: Activate Hyper Repair. There’s an Infantry that wants to die. Take your Black Boat one north and two west and heal the B-ship. Move your southern Black Boat one north and heal that one as well. Heal the remaining B-ship (the one that has 7HP) with your other Black Boat. With your 8 and your southern 7, kill the Infantry that ISN’T capturing your city. Otherwise, you’re going to get a Missile Silo in your face. Hit the unit capturing your city with you other B-ship. Move your remaining units in and call it a turn.

Andy: He didn’t like that. Pretty much cowars all over the place.

Day 3:Heal the 6HPer. Then heal one of your 7HP boats. Kill his capturing Infantry, cripple the other. Move your B-ship one north and one east. Move the Infantry in.

Andy: Crams himself in a corner.

Day 4: Fire the Missile Silo, and nail every one of his units but the APC. Heal the NW 8HP ship. Heal the eastern 8HP ship. Then take your last Black Boat and heal the eastern one again. Hit the APC with your 9HP boat. Hit the western Neotank with you other one. Move your remaining units in to strike next turn.

Andy: Fuses the Neos.

Day 5: Heal the 7HP boat as much as you can. Take your two boats and hit the Neotank. Take your 8HP and hit the Infantry. Take your remaining boat and nail the Recon. Move the Infantry in.

Andy: Signs his own death-contract.

Day 6: Kill as many units as you can.

Andy: Moves the APC to the HQ.

Day 7: Punish it.


Speed: 50
Power: 50
Technique: 50

Score: 150/150
Turns used: 7

Meh. Not as bad as it usually is, but it can get much, much worse.

Strategy by GraveNeedle.