S-Tu02: Cannon Land

Turn Survival Guide

Mission 2: Cannon Land

Enemy CO: Koal
Recommended CO: If you don’t mind using broken COs, Grit. If you want to have a little dignity, anybody but Max will work.

General strategy: Welcome to Cannon Land! Yay! This is for the Piperunner-lover in all of us. Not much to say here; it ain’t that hard of a level, and one of the best to rack some points up.
There is, however, two ways of doing this map. The first one, definitely the most simple, is to build a Piperunner, than just race it across the whole way and destroy Koal’s Infantry. But, if you want to rack up some massive pointage, here’s how to do it.

Day 1: Start to capture all the cities you can. Build an Infantry.

Koal: Starts capturing city closest to your HQ. Don’t worry, stupid over there doesn’t actually go for your HQ until last.

Day 2: Finish capturing all the cities you can, and start to capture the other base.

Koal: You won’t be expecting this; he finishes capturing.

Day 3: Finish off the base, and start capturing with the other four Infantry. Build a Piperunner.

Koal: Goes for the next city.

Day 4: Finish capturing. If you want to gain some “Hit by Cannon” points, but your Infantry that’s done capturing in front of the MiniCannon’s range. Whether you want to or not, move it off that base. Move the PipeRunner in as far as you can.

Koal: Wind blows through his ears as he finishes capturing that ever-important city.

Day 5: Start capturing the last city. Again, you can move the Infantry that’s stranded on the island in front of the big Cannon’s range. Nail..a Cannon. It doesn’t really matter which one.

Koal: Starts on the next city.

Day 6: Capture the city. Kill whatever cannon you hit last turn. Swing the next Piperunner in as far as you can. Build another one.

Koal: OH NOEZ! Don’t capture that city that offers absolutely no strategic advantage to anybody!

Day 7: Move the Runners in. Build a Rocket.

Koal: Starts on the last city. Don’t worry, we’ll be over there in plenty of time.

Day 8: Kill the big Cannon with a combo attack from your Rockets and your western Piperunner. That eastern Cannon’s been there to long. See those two Piperunners? They don’t like that eastern Cannon. You know what things with mounted turrets do to things they don’t like? I’ll let you figure it out. Build whatever you want, ‘cuz you don’t need anything else.

Koal: Captures city.

Day 9: Nail the Minicannon with the Rocket and the eastern Piperunner. Kill off the last Cannon with the other to Runners. Again, just build…whatever.

Koal: He remembers that your HQ is sitting right next to his Infantry.

Day 10: Put one Piperunner two spaces west of your HQ. Put the other behind it.

Koal: Miraculously, starts to capture your HQ.

Day 11: Lay waste to his Infantry with your Piperunners.


Speed: 46
Power: 50
Technique: 50
Big Cannon: 90
Mini Cannon: 20

Score: 256/150
Turns used: 11

Of course, like I said, if you want to use many less turns, just send a Piperunner over and crush that Infantry. It will also save on Black Hole’s repair bill…

Strategy by GraveNeedle.