S-Tu01: Convoy Cape

Turn Survival Guide

Mission 1: Convoy Cape

Enemy CO: Drake
Recommended CO: Sensei, but anybody but Kanbei will work fine.

General strategy: Convoy Cape. Pretty straight-forward map. Get your units from one side of the island to the other. Pretty simple task. But don’t get too excited. It’s never that easy. Either you get a lot of Power points and lose a lot of Technique and turns, or you lose a lot of Power, but gain Technique and finish it in fewer turns. So unfortunately, we’re going to have to screw the 150 point thing.

Here, I’m going to be doing the most obvious one of the two ways. The fewer turns.

Day 1: Put two Infantry units in two Landers. Send the Landers East as far as they can go. Build an Infantry.

Drake: Destroys one of the two Landers with the Sub, damages the other with the Cruiser.

Day 2: Continue moving whichever one is still alive East. Make sure to stay out of the Sub’s reach. Build another Infantry.

Drake: Moves Sub closer to your Lander, attacks Lander with Cruiser.

Day 3: Drop Infantry off at Drake’s HQ. Build a Recon.

Drake: Kills Lander with Sub, heads toward your island with the Cruiser.

Day 4: Start capturing the HQ. Build an Infantry.

Drake: Keeps heading West.

Day 5: Build a Mech. Finish capturing the HQ.


Speed: 50
Technique: 42
Power: 0

Score: 92/150
Turns used: 5

Well, that isn’t the best score, but for what we had to work with, I’d say it wasn’t bad.

Strategy by GraveNeedle.