C11: A Storm Brews

Map Strategy

Maximum Score: 406 pts
150-pt. time limit: 4 days
100-pt. time limit: 9 days
Player CO: Lin
Allied CO: Davis
Enemy CO(s): Tasha
Special Condition(s): None

Overview: Send a loaded Gunboat to Tasha’s HQ while using your predeployed forces to distract Tasha. The Rockets and Md. Tank will provide most of the power score. Davis’ forces are to serve as a distraction. If he attacks at all, it will lower your power score.

Like many of the maximum score walkthroughs, a bit of luck is needed.

Completing this map unlocks Trial Map 24.

Day 1:

– Load Md. Tank and Rockets into Lander, move Lander 3E 2S, and drop Md. Tank
east and Rockets south.
– Load Mech into Gunboat, move Gunboat 2S 3E, and drop Mech south.
– Move remaining Lander 2N 2E.
– Move western Gunboat 2N 3E.
– Load Infantry into Gunboat and move Gunboat 2E 2S.

Tasha Day 1:

– Her APC must begin building the temporary port 1N 1W of her westernmost city.

Day 2:

– Move Mech 1S 1E and begin capturing neutral city.
– Attack enemy Cruiser with Rockets.
– Move westernmost Gunboat 4E 1S.
– Move western Lander 3E 1S.
– Load Md. Tank into Lander, move Lander 4E 1N, and drop Md. Tank north.
– Move western Gunboat 2S 3E.
– Move loaded Gunboat 3S 2E.

Tasha Day 2:

– Her Mech must have been dropped 1W of Davis’ Lander.

Day 3:

– Save here.
– Finish capturing neutral city.
– Destroy enemy Cruiser with Rockets.
– Move Md. Tank 1W.
– Move northern lander 5S.
– Move remaining Lander 3S 1E.
– Move westernmost Gunboat 2S 2E.
– Move northernmost Gunboat 3S.
– Move loaded Gunboat 5E 2S and drop Infantry south or east.

Tasha Day 3:

– Your eastern Lander must survive the enemy attacks.

Day 4:

– Begin capturing Tasha’s HQ.
– Destroy enemy Mech with Md. Tank.
– Move southernmost Gunboat 2N.
– Move eastern Lander 2N.
– Move remaining Lander 2N 1E and join with wounded Lander.
– Destroy enemy Recon with Rockets.

Day 5:

– Destroy enemy Infantry with Rockets.
– Finish capturing Tasha’s HQ.

Strategy by Translucent Air. Map image by Tsuruya.