C12: History of Hate

Map Strategy

Maximum Score: 388 pts
150-pt. time limit: 3 days
100-pt. time limit: 6 days
Player CO: Will
Allied CO: Waylon
Enemy CO(s): Tasha
Special Condition(s): None

Overview: Every single unit at your disposal is used to lure Tasha’s units for the kill. There are a few attacks done that greatly decrease your power score in exchange for the maximum speed score. Due to terrain, your power score may end up one point lower than the indicated maximum score. Enemy match-ups also vary, which may increase or decrease your power depending on how the battle went.

There is one instance of luck needed where Tasha must attack two certain units of yours, but it’s nothing significant.

Completing this map unlocks Tasha.

Day 1:

– Move B-copter 5E 1N and attack enemy Gunboat.
– Move northern Sub 2N 4E and attack enemy B-ship from the north.
– Move northern Gunboat 3E.
– Move Duster 1N 7E.
– Move Lander 1N 5E.
– Dive remaining Sub 3N 1W.
– Move remaining Gunboat 1N 1E and attack enemy Gunboat from the south. It is
recommended that the enemy is left with 3 HP.
– Move southern Rig 1N 2E and supply Gunboat.
– Move western Cruiser 4N 2E.
– Move remaining Cruiser 3N 2E.
– Move B-ship 3E 2N and destroy enemy Gunboat.

Waylon Day 1:

– His B-copters must destroy Tasha’s Gunboat and B-ship.

Day 2:

– Save here.
– Move western Cruiser 6E and destroy enemy Fighter from the north.
– Move B-copter 5E 1S.
– Dive northern Sub 1N 5E.
– Move Duster 4N 2E.
– Move remaining Cruiser 5E 1N and attack enemy Sub from the south.
– Move western Gunboat 1N 4E and attack enemy Cruiser.
– Move B-ship 3E 2N and destroy enemy Cruiser.
– Move remaining Sub 5E and attack enemy B-ship from the west.
– Move Lander 6E.
– Move remaining Gunboat 5N 2E.

Tasha Day 2:

– Tasha’s northern B-ship must attack your eastern Cruiser without moving.
– Tasha’s Bomber must attack your western Cruiser.

Day 3:

– If the above happens, save here.
– Destroy enemy Bomber with western Cruiser from the west.
– Move remaining Cruiser 1E and destroy enemy Sub from the north.
– Move eastern Sub 2E 1S and destroy enemy Gunboat from the north.
– Move remaining Sub 2N 1E and attack enemy B-ship from the west.
– Move Duster 3E 1S and destroy enemy B-copter from the east.
– Move northern Gunboat 2E and attack enemy Cruiser from the south.
– Destroy enemy Cruiser with B-ship.

Waylon Day 3:

– His B-copters will destroy Tasha’s two B-ships.

Strategy by ALAKTORN. Map image by Tsuruya.