C13: Greyfield Strikes

Map Strategy

Maximum Score: 444 pts
150-pt. time limit: 7 days
100-pt. time limit: 14 days
Player CO: Brenner
Allied CO: Greyfield
Enemy CO(s): Gage
Special Condition(s): None

Overview: Your navy and Md. Tank will provide the power score while a loaded Rig will head towards HQ. Greyfield’s orders can screw this guide over, which will utilize many saves in order to provide the maximum possible power score.

There are two possible ways to finish this map depending on Gage’s build order. If he builds a Tank, you will finish one day early because the rest of the guide falls apart on day 7. If he builds a Recon, you can delay the capture by one day and increase your power and technique score.

Completing this map unlocks Gage.

Day 1:

– Build Md. Tank in northern factory.
– Load northern Infantry into northern Gunboat, move Gunboat 4W 2N, and drop
Infantry north.
– Load remaining Infantry into Rig.
– Load Rig into Lander and move Lander 1N 1E.
– Move western Gunboat 3N 4W.
– Move Carrier 1N 4W.
– Move Cruiser 5W.
– Move Sub 1S 5W.
– Save here.
– Move B-ship 2W 3N and destroy enemy Gunboat. Reload if this does not happen.

Day 2:

– Save here.
– Move B-ship 3N 1W and attack Md. Tank. The Md. Tank must have 5 HP left.
Reload if this does not happen.
– Load Md. Tank into Lander and move Lander 6N.
– Move Infantry 2W 1N and begin capturing neutral port.
– Move eastern Gunboat 1N.
– Move Sub 4W 1N and dive.
– Move Carrier 2W 3N.
– Move Cruiser 2W 3N.
– Move western Gunboat 4W 2N.
– Save here.

Gage Day 2:

– His Battleship must attack your Carrier.
– His Md. Tank must attack your B-ship and NOT damage it. If this happens,

Day 3:

– Greyfield will order one of your units to wait. The following units must be
ordered to wait: Lander, Carrier, or Cruiser. Any other unit will force a
– If the above happens, save here.
– Move B-ship 2W 1S and destroy Md. Tank.
– Move Lander 3N and drop Md. Tank north and loaded Rig east.
– Finish capturing neutral port.
– Move Cruiser 3W 1S.
– Attack enemy B-ship from the south with western Gunboat.
– Destroy enemy B-ship from the west or north with Sub, depending on the
position of the B-ship.
– Save here.

Gage Day 3:

– Optimally, Gage will build a Recon. If he builds a Tank, the map can still
be completed, but with a lower S-rank.

Day 4:

– Save here.
– Move Md. Tank 1N 2E and attack enemy Missiles from the west. The Missiles
must have 3 HP left. Reload if this does not happen.
– Move Rig 1W 2N and drop Infantry east.
– Load remaining Infantry into Gunboat, move Gunboat 5E 1N, and drop Infantry
– Move B-ship 4W 1S and destroy enemy Cruiser if available.
– Destroy enemy Gunboat from the south with Sub.
– Move western Gunboat 1E of your Sub.

Gage Day 4:

– His Recon/Tank should attack your western Infantry.
– His Anti-Air should approach your remaining Infantry.
– His Seaplane should attack your B-ship.
– His Carrier should approach your Sub.
– His healthy Missiles should move 2E.

Day 5:

– If the above happens, save here.
– Destroy enemy Missiles with your Md. Tank from the west.
– Move eastern Infantry 2E and begin capturing Gage’s HQ.
– Load remaining Infantry into Gunboat, move Gunboat 5S 1W, and drop Infantry
– Load Rig into Lander.
– Move B-ship 1S 2E.
– Destroy enemy Seaplane from the west or south with Cruiser.
– Destroy enemy Carrier from the north with Sub.
– Move western Gunboat 3W 2N.
– Save here.

Gage Day 5:

– His Recon and Anti-Air should retreat to the west. If he built a Tank, he
will attack your Md. Tank
– His Missiles should move 2W.
– His Lander should approach your Sub.

Day 6:

– If the above happens, save here. The guide varies depending on which unit
Gage built earlier.
– If Gage has a Tank, then destroy enemy Lander with Sub and finish capturing
Gage’s HQ.
– If Gage has a Recon, then destroy enemy Missiles from the west with Md. Tank.
If this does not happen, reload.
– Move Lander 2W and drop Rig east.
– Move Cruiser to the tile 3S 3W of Gage’s southern port.
– Destroy Lander with Sub.

Gage Day 6:

– His Anti-Air should attack your Rig.
– His Sub should approach your Sub.

Day 7:

– Move Sub 1N.
– Move Cruiser 3W 3N and destroy enemy Sub.
– Destroy enemy Recon with Md. Tank.
– Finish capturing Gage’s HQ.

Strategy by Blackbird. Map image by Tsuruya.