C14: A Hero’s Farewell

Map Strategy

Maximum Score: 450 pts
150-pt. time limit: 10 days
100-pt. time limit: 20 days
Player CO: Brenner
Enemy CO(s): Forsythe
Special Condition(s): None

Overview: I salute you, Forsythe. The Tactics Room was the outline for this D2D, which uses every unit at your disposal. They are essential in obtaining the perfect score. Use your B-copters to manipulate Forsythe’s units while you move your units into position before breaking the right meteorite.

Once the plasma clears, destroy the Rockets and move in with all of your units. The Rockets remain behind in order to provide the final attacks needed to provide the power score. Surround the airport and factory with your units, protecting your Infantry in the process.

On the naval front, your Sub is used to wound the B-ship and destroy the Carrier before revealing itself as bait for Forsythe’s B-copter. The Cruiser simply serves as bait for Forsythe’s Cruiser. This part is the most important of the entire guide. If the AI fails to follow this, the capture is doomed to fail.

The most random part is Forsythe’s Cruiser. On Day 4, it may attack your Cruiser, which dooms the guide. Its behavior seems to guide the actions of Forsythe’s Seaplane. If his Cruiser ignores yours while your Cruiser is being repaired, his Seaplane may attack your Bike, allowing you to greet it with explosives to the face.

As long as your Missiles destroys either the T-copter or Seaplane, you will earn 150 points in the power score assuming all else goes according to plan. If you destroy both, the movement regarding the Mech, southern B-copter, southern Infantry, and Rockets can be ignored and they can simply retreat instead.

As a side note, since this D2D finishes in 9 days, you will fail to see the conversation between Forsythe and Brenner on Day 10. If you want to see it, save on Day 9, end your turn, and watch the dialogue. Then you can reload your save and finish the map.

Completing this map unlocks Forsythe.

Day 1:

– Move eastern Infantry 2E.
– Move remaining Infantry 2N 1E.
– Load Mech into Rig, move Rig 1E 2N, and drop Mech east.
– Move eastern Tank 3E 3N.
– Move remaining Tank 1N 5E.
– Move Md Tank 4E 1N.
– Move Rockets 2N 2E.
– Move Artillery 3N 2E.
– Move eastern B-copter 1N 5E.
– Move remaining B-copter 2N 4E.
– Move Bike 1E 3N.
– Move Missiles 3E 2S.
– Move Sub 3W 3N and dive.

Day 2:

– Save here.
– Move southern Infantry 2S and begin capturing neutral airport.
– Move remaining Infantry 2E 1N and begin capturing neutral factory.
– Move Rig 3S 1W.
– Move Mech 2N and begin capturing neutral city.
– Move Bike 2E 2N and begin capturing neutral city.
– Attack enemy Tank with Rockets.
– Move Md Tank 2N and destroy enemy Tank from the east.
– Move northern Tank 3E 3N.
– Move remaining Tank 2N 2E.
– Move Artillery 2N 2E.
– Move Missiles 3E 2N.
– Move western B-copter 3E 3N.
– Move remaining B-copter 2E 4N.
– Move Sub 4N.
– Move Cruiser 1W 1N.

Forsythe Day 2:

– He should build a Seaplane in his Carrier.

Day 3:

– Save here.
– Finish capturing neutral properties.
– Move southern B-copter 1N and attack enemy Mech from the east.
– Destroy enemy Mech with Md Tank from the south.
– Move remaining B-copter 3N 2E and attack Meteor.
– Move northern Tank 2W 2N.
– Move southern Tank 3N.
– Move Artillery 4N 1W.
– Move Rockets 1N 2E.
– Move Missiles 3N.
– Move Sub 1N and attack enemy B-ship from the west.
– Move Cruiser 3E.

Day 4:

– Save here.
– Move Mech 1W 1N.
– Move Bike 5W and begin capturing neutral port.
– Attack Meteor with northern B-copter from the south.
– Attack Meteor with Artillery.
– Move remaining B-copter 3N 1W.
– Move southern Tank 1W 1N.
– Move northern Infantry 2N 1W.
– Move southern Infantry 2N.
– Move Rockets 3N.
– Move Rig 2N 4E.
– Move Sub 4N 1E.
– Move Cruiser 2S 2W.

Forsythe Day 4:

– Forsythe must build a Mech in his southern factory and a Seaplane in his
– Forsythe must not attack your Cruiser.

Day 5:

– Finish capturing neutral port.
– Move Sub 1E and destroy enemy Carrier from the west.
– Move Cruiser 2E 2N.
– Destroy Meteor with eastern B-copter from the south.
– Move southern Tank 4N 2W and attack enemy Rockets from the east.
– Move Md Tank 5N and destroy enemy Rockets from the south.
– Move remaining B-copter 2N.
– Move remaining Tank 2N 2W.
– Move Mech 2N and begin capturing enemy city.
– Move northern Infantry 1N 2W.
– Move Artillery 2W 3N.
– Move Rockets 1N 2W.
– Load southern Infantry into Rig and move Rig 3N 2W.

Forsythe Day 5:

– Forsythe must not attack your Cruiser.
– Forsythe may attack your Bike with his Seaplane.
– Forsythe must attack your western B-copter with his Mech. Enemy Mech must
have 6 HP or less afterwards.
– Forsythe must not attack your eastern B-copter with his Mech.
– Forsythe must build Rockets in his northern factory.

Day 6:

– If the above happens, save here.
– Destroy enemy Seaplane or T-copter, if available, with Missiles. Give
priority to the T-copter. If unavailable, leave it alone.
– Move northern B-copter 1E 4S.
– Move eastern B-copter 4W 2N and destroy enemy Mech from the east. Reload
if this does not happen.
– Move Md Tank 1W 1N and destroy enemy Infantry from the south.
– Move southern Tank 2W 4N.
– Move remaining Tank 2W 4N.
– Finish capturing enemy city.
– Move Bike 5E.
– Move loaded Rig 4N 2W.
– Move Artillery 1W 1N.
– Move Sub 2N 1W and surface.
– Move Cruiser 3W 3N.

Forsythe Day 6:

– Forsythe must build Duster in his airport.

Day 7:

– Save here.
– Destroy enemy T-copter, if available, with Missiles. If enemy Seaplane
attacked Missiles, retreat Missiles 3S 1W.
– Destroy enemy Infantry with Rockets.
– Move southern Tank 2N.
– Move remaining Tank 2W 1N.
– Move Md Tank 4N 1W.
– Move northern B-copter 4N.
– Move Rig 2W 4N and drop Infantry north.
– Move Sub 2E.
– Move Artillery 2W 2N.
– Move Bike 2E.
– Move Cruiser 3S 3E.
– Move Mech 1S 1E.
– Move Infantry 1S 1E.
– Move southern B-copter 3E.

Day 8:

– Begin capturing Forsythe’s HQ.
– Move Artillery 2N 2E.
– Move Sub 6E and dive.
– Move Rockets 1W.
– Move Mech 2E.
– Move southern Infantry 2E.

Day 9:

– Destroy enemy Mech with Rockets.
– Finish capturing Forsythe’s HQ.

Strategy by DTaeKim. Map image by Tsuruya.