C15: Icy Retreat

Map Strategy

Maximum Score: 450 pts
150-pt. time limit: 9 days
100-pt. time limit: 18 days
Player CO: Brenner
Allied CO: Gage
Enemy CO(s): Waylon
Special Condition(s): Snow, Lazurian unit must reach allied city to complete

Overview: Blast your way through Waylon’s forces as you escort the Lazurian Army to the target city. Your Anti-Air units will provide the bulk of the power score. The speed and technique score are not an issue on this map.

The improved version of this guide utilizes less luck manipulation and finishes one day faster by protecting the Recon from Waylon’s Recons, which allows Gage to move into the allied city unhindered.

Day 1:

– Move Rig 2N 3W.
– Load Infantry into Rig.
– Move Mech 1W.
– Move Tank 4W 1S and attack enemy Rockets from the north.
– Move eastern Anti-Air 4W and destroy enemy B-copter.
– Move remaining Anti-Air 4W 1N.
– Move Artillery 4W.

Day 2:

– Move Artillery 2W 1S.
– Move Tank 1N 3W and attack enemy Meteor.
– Move Mech 1W.
– Move eastern Anti-Air 5W.
– Move Rig 5W.
– Move remaining Anti-Air 4W 1S.

Day 3:

– Attack Meteor with Artillery.
– Move Tank 1S 1W.
– Move Rig 1W 3S and drop Infantry south.
– Move eastern Anti-Air 2S 1E and destroy enemy Rockets.

Day 4:

– Destroy Meteor with Artillery.
– Move Tank 2N 1W and attack enemy Artillery.
– Move northern Anti-Air 2S 2W and destroy enemy Artillery from the east.
– Move remaining Anti-Air 3W 2N.
– Load Infantry into Rig and move Rig 3N 2W.

Day 5:

– Save here.
– Move eastern Anti-Air 1W 3S and destroy enemy Infantry from the north. If
this does not happen, reload.
– Move remaining Anti-Air 4W.
– Move Rig 2W 2N and drop Infantry north.

Day 6:

– Load Infantry into Rig and move Rig 2W 1N.
– Move Artillery 1W.
– Move eastern Anti-Air 1E 2N and destroy enemy B-copter.

Day 7:

– Do nothing.

Strategy by ALAKTORN. Map image by Tsuruya.