C18: Panic in the Ranks

Map Strategy

Maximum Score: 365 pts
150-pt. time limit: 2 days
100-pt. time limit: 4 days
Player CO: Will
Allied CO: No CO
Enemy CO(s): Greyfield
Special Condition(s): None

Overview: Position your units in order to lure as many of Greyfield’s units into your ally’s firing range. Will uses his CO zone to maximize damage and eventually uses his CO power for the finishing blow.

Day 1:

– Move Will/War Tank 2S 1W.
– Move Anti-Air 2S 3W and destroy enemy Mech from the east.
– Move southern Anti-Tank 1W 1S.
– Move remaining Anti-Tank 1E 3S.
– Move eastern Infantry 3S.
– Move remaining Infantry 2S 1W.
– Move Mech 1S 1W.
– Save here.
– Move Md Tank 2W 3S and destroy Infantry from the north. Reload if this does
not happen.
– MOve Tank 1W 5S.

Day 2:

– Move Will/War Tank 3S 1W.
– Move Md Tank 2W 3S and destroy enemy Recon from the west.
– Move Anti-Air 2E 3S and destroy enemy Bike from the west.
– Move Tank 1S 1W.
– Move eastern Anti-Tank 4S.
– Move remaining Anti-Tank 2S.
– Move eastern Infantry 1W 2S.
– Move Mech 2S.
– Move remaining Infantry 1S.
– Save here.

Ally Day 2:

– His Anti-Air units should destroy Greyfield’s Recon.

Greyfield Day 2:

– His Md Tank and Tank should attack the southern Anti-Tank.
– His B-copters and Duster should attack the northern Anti-Tank.

Day 3:

– Move southern Anti-Tank 1S.
– Move remaining Anti-Tank 3S 1E and join with wounded Anti-Tank. It should
have at least 9 HP.
– Move Will/War Tank 3E and destroy enemy Tank from the west.
– Move Md Tank 3E 1N and destroy enemy Md Tank from the east.
– Move Anti-Air 1N 1E and destroy B-copter from the south.
– Move Mech 2S.
– Move northern Infantry 1N 2E and begin capturing neutral city.
– Move remaining Infantry 2E 1N.
– Save here.
– Move Tank 3S and attack enemy Tank from the north. Enemy Tank must have 4 HP
left. If this does not happen, reload.

Ally Day 3:

– His Bomber must not deal 8 HP of damage to enemy War Tank.

Greyfield Day 3:

– His War Tank should attack your Anti-Tank and be destroyed in the process.
– His Tank must attack the 5 HP Missiles. Ally’s Missiles must survive.
– His B-copter will attack your northern Infantry.
– His Bomber should attack Will/War Tank.
– His remaining Tank will attack your Anti-Tank.

Day 4:

– Use CO power.
– Destroy enemy Bike with Anti-Air.
– Move Md Tank 3E 3S and destroy enemy Mech from the west.
– Destroy adjacent enemy Tank with Mech.
– Move Tank 2E and attack enemy Tank from the south.
– Destroy enemy Tank with Anti-Tank.

Ally Day 4:

– He will destroy all remaining units.

Strategy by Blackbird. Map image by Tsuruya.