C19: Salvation

Map Strategy

Maximum Score: 440 pts
150-pt. time limit: 2 days
100-pt. time limit: 5 days
Player CO: Gage
Enemy CO(s): None
Special Condition(s): None

Overview: Use the silos to weaken the enemy forces surrounding the enemy HQ. One specific enemy movement is needed for a clean HQ capture.

Day 1:

– Move western Infantry 2W 1S.
– Move central Infantry 2N.
– Move remaining Infantry 1E.
– Move western Mech 1E 1S and launch silo. Target the tile 2N of the War Tank.
– Move eastern Mech 2E.
– Move western Bike 3W 2N.
– Move central Bike 5N.
– Move eastern Bike 2E 1N and launch silo. Target the tile 1W 1N of the War
– Move Recon 2W 3N.
– Move Tank 5N.

Enemy Day 1:

– Enemy must join his units in such a way that the only units within range of
the enemy HQ are a Mech 1N 1W of the HQ and an Infantry on the HQ.

Day 2:

– If the above happens, save here.
– Move western Bike 2N 2W and launch silo. Target the HQ.
– Move western Infantry 2N 1W and launch silo. Target the HQ.
– Move eastern Bike 2E 2N and launch silo. Target the tile 1N 2W of eastern
– Move western Mech 2N.
– Move western Infantry 1S 1W.
– Move Recon 2S 5W.
– Move remaining Infantry 2S 1E.
– Move remaining Mech 2E.
– Move Tank 2E 3N and destroy enemy Infantry from the west.
– Move remaining Bike 5N and begin capturing enemy HQ.

Enemy Day 2:

– Capturing Bike must not take any damage.
– None of your units can be destroyed.

Day 3:

– Finish capturing enemy HQ.

Strategy by swifty. Map image by Tsuruya.