C20: Waylon Flies Again

Map Strategy

Maximum Score: 438 pts
150-pt. time limit: 10 days
100-pt. time limit: 21 days
Player CO: Will
Allied CO: Tasha
Enemy CO(s): Waylon
Special Condition(s): None

Overview: This mission pits Will’s skeleton forces against the considerable air force commanded by Waylon. The opening strategy detailed here holds off Waylon’s air force and destroys a Duster, a B-copter, and a Bomber if Waylon decides to ignore the Missile unit. You will be forced to concede the central area and capture the nearby factory and airport. Once the airport is captured, a Will/Fighter can be built, which will force Waylon to retreat the remnants of his air force. Take this opportunity to capture the neutral properties in the western region and regain control of the center. Use the funds to build a Tank force in the southern factory and Fighters/Bombers in the airport.

Tasha’s Missiles is key to surviving the onslaught. Waylon does not like sending his units into its range unless he has a good reason,
like beating the crap out of your Will/Fighter. However, the Will/Fighter can take two hits before falling, and this allows you the opportunity to swat the rest of Waylon’s air units out of the sky. After the air force is all but wiped out, Tasha’s units are
fodder and can be safely ignored.

Day 1:

– Move eastern Infantry 2W and begin capturing neutral factory.
– Move remaining Infantry 2W.
– Move eastern Mech 2W and begin capturing neutral airport.
– Move remaining Mech 2W.
– Move Bike 5S.
– Move Anti-Air 5S.

Day 2:

– Finish capturing neutral properties.
– Move Infantry 3W.
– Move Mech 1W 1S.
– Move Bike 2W and begin capturing neutral city.
– Move Anti-Air 2S 3W.

Day 3:

– Move eastern Infantry 3W.
– Move remaining Infantry 3W and begin capturing neutral city.
– Move northern Mech 2W.
– Move southern Mech 1W 1S and begin capturing neutral city.
– Move Bike 1S 4W.
– Move Anti-Air 3W 3N.
– Build Fighter in airport.
– Build Infantry in factory.

Waylon Day 3:

– It is suggested, but not mandatory, that Waylon attacks your Infantry instead of Tasha’s Missiles.

Day 4:

– Continue and/or finish capturing neutral city.
– Move Infantry 1N 2W and begin capturing neutral airport.
– Move Mech 1W 1S and begin capturing neutral factory.
– Move Bike 1N 4E and begin capturing neutral city.
– Load Will into Fighter and destroy the westernmost enemy air unit, which is usually a Duster.
– Move Anti-Air 3S 3E.
– If wounded, move Infantry 3E and join with wounded Infantry. Else, move Infantry 2N 1E.
– Build Infantry in factory.

Tasha Day 4:

– Tasha should destroy the Bomber with her Missiles.
– Tasha should destroy the B-copter with her Anti-Air.

Day 5:

– Continue and/or finish capturing neutral properties.
– Move Mech 2S.
– Move Anti-Air 3E 3N.
– Move Infantry 2N 1E.
– If Will/Fighter can destroy another air unit, do so. Else, keep it within the range of Tasha’s Missile.

Waylon’s AI is too erratic to maintain the D2D. However, the stage is set for
the win.

Capture all of the neutral properties in the western area and center. When
everything is captured, Will should have 23 properties, which is enough to
build a decent force.

The key to winning this map is a balanced force. If you focus too much on
Bombers and Fighters, Waylon will begin to build Anti-Air units, making it
difficult to enter his territory. Build Tanks to remedy the situation.

You should keep two Fighters in the air at all times. You only need one or two
Bombers to force your way into Waylon’s area, and keep building Tanks from
the southern factory.

Most of the time, Waylon builds a Duster in order to load himself into it the
following turn. Compensate for this by keeping your Anti-Air unit within range
of the Will/Fighter, because the AI loves to wipe out CO units.

Strategy by DTaeKim. Map image by Tsuruya.