Multiplayer Information

General Multiplayer

These articles cover the basics and are applicable to any version of the game.

Getting Started

  • Introduction
  • Glossary of Short Terms
  • Naming Philosophy

AW4 mechanics

AW3 to AW4 differences

  • Mechanics and unit changes
  • DEF shift
  • Base damage changes

Competitive Multiplayer

These articles are more in-depth, but more importantly, they assume that players are using the AW4 Balance Patch. This changes the statistics of the commanding officers (COs) and assumes various game settings. As of May 2020, all online competitive play uses the AW4 Balance Patch.

The World of Intelligent Defense

  • Introduction & How to find games
  • Standard game settings
  • Why are sea units not played?
  • It’s not just about winning
  • Myths and assumptions debunked


Brenner3110/130 all+3 HP all
Caulder1130/130 all, +1 HP/day (costs funds)None
Gage2140/130 indirect, 110/110 other+2 indirect range
Greyfield3140/120 tech, 110/110 otherSupply all units (incl. materials)
Forsythe5120/130 allNone
Isabella2120/110 all+2 MP all, +2 indirect range
Lin1130/130 land, 110/110 air+2 vision land, hidden tiles revealed
Penny3120/120 allWeather change for 3 days
Tabitha0170/160 all (190/180 COU)8 HP 2-radius nuke (cost bias)
Tasha1160/140 air, 110/110 land+2 MP air
Waylon2130/160 air, 110/110 land+270D air
Will2130/110 direct land, 110/110 other+2 MP direct land


  • Soldiers (infantry, bike, mech)
  • Core (antiair, tank, copter, artillery)
  • Tech (mdtank, wartank, rockets, bomber, duster)
  • Niche (recon, flare, antitank, missiles, fighter)
  • Transport (t-copter, rig)


  • Cost efficiency
  • Direct-fire folly
  • First turn advantage
  • Hard and soft counters
  • Indirect clusters and lines
  • Material advantage
  • Tech units
  • The 1HKO
  • Unit count


  • Banking
  • Capturing
  • Chip damage
  • City support
  • CO units
  • Double teaming
  • Forced leveling
  • Joining
  • Mopping up
  • Offensive COU push
  • Parallel formation
  • Shielding
  • Turtling
  • Wall busting
  • Zone advantage
  • Zone management