T01: Extreme Edge


Maximum Score: 430 pts
150-pt. time limit: 5 days
100-pt. time limit: 10 days
Player CO: Lin
Enemy CO(s): Waylon
Special Condition(s): Fog of War

Overview: Two T-copters (one loaded) and a Lin/B-copter are sent to Waylon’s HQ while the Lin/B-copter provides the power score. One T-copter is sacrificed in order to make the capture, while the remaining T-copter is used to reveal the unlucky enemy T-copter needed for destruction.

Day 1:

– Build T-copter in airport.

Day 2:

– Move T-copter 2W 2S.
– Build Infantry in western factory.
– Build T-copter in airport.

Day 3:

– Load Infantry into T-copter and move loaded T-copter 6N.
– Move remaining T-copter 1W 5N.

Day 4:

– Move loaded T-copter 6N.
– Move remaining T-copter 6N.
– Build B-copter in airport.

Day 5:

– Save here.
– Load Lin into B-copter and move Lin/B-copter 1E 5N.
– Move loaded T-copter 2E 4N and drop Infantry east.
– Move remaining T-copter 1E 2N.

Waylon Day 5:

– He must attack your southern T-copter from the west and south with Infantry.

Day 6:

– Move wounded T-copter 1N 1W.
– Move remaining T-copter 1S.
– Move Lin/B-copter 6N.
– Move Infantry 1W and begin capturing Waylon’s HQ.

Day 7:

– Save here.
– Move wounded T-copter 1N 5E.
– Destroy enemy T-copter with Lin/B-copter.
– Finish capturing Waylon’s HQ.

Strategy by ALAKTORN. Map image by DieselPheonix.