T10: Blade Isles

Advance Wars: Days of Ruin
Trial Maps Guide

T10: Blade Isles

Maximum Score: 450 pts
150-pt. time limit: 10 days
100-pt. time limit: 20 days
Player CO: None
Enemy CO(s): None
Special Condition(s): None

Overview: Build a Recon to distract the enemy B-copter while a loaded T-copter
rushes for the enemy HQ. A Fighter will provide the power score and
serve as bait.

This strategy requires a specific unit build on Day 6.

Day 1:

– Build Recon in western factory.

Day 2:

– Move Recon 8W.
– Build T-copter in airport.
– Build Infantry in any factory.

Day 3:

– Move Recon 4W.
– Load Infantry into T-copter and move T-copter 6W.

Day 4:

– Move T-copter 6W.
– Build Fighter in airport.

Day 5:

– Move T-copter 6W and drop Infantry north.
– Move Fighter 3N 4W and destroy enemy T-copter from the north.

Enemy Day 5:

– ONLY a T-copter must be built.

Day 6:

– Begin capturing enemy HQ.
– Move all units outside of enemy attack range.

Day 7:

– Finish capturing enemy HQ.

Strategy by Translucent Air. Map image by DieselPheonix.