T29: Triangle Lake

Advance Wars: Days of Ruin
Trial Maps Guide

T29: Triangle Lake

Maximum Score: 431 pts
150-pt. time limit: 8 days
100-pt. time limit: 16 days
Player CO: None
Enemy CO(s): None
Special Condition(s): None

Overview: The first Trial Map unlocked also happens to be one of the more
difficult maps to net a high score. Due to the low number of enemy
units, you can only build one unit in order to maintain perfect
technique. Therefore, the only unit built is the Rockets. The power
score suffers tremendously thanks to the mandatory 2HKO of the enemy
Anti-Tank. As a result, your Tank will net almost all of the kills
and keep the power score as high as possible.

Like Metro Map, the perfect score requires an insane amount of luck.
The first problem is getting the AI to cooperate on Day 1.
Next, you need one of the Infantry to survive with 8 HP,
which thankfully is much easier to obtain. Day 9 requires the
most luck. Your veteran Tank must counterattack the enemy Anti-Tank
to 5 HP AND survive a Rocket hit. The odds are slim, to say the least.

Day 1:

– Move western Infantry 3N.
– Move Tank 5E 1N.
– Move Recon 8E.
– Save here.

Enemy Day 1:

– Enemy Recon must end 2N of your Recon.
– Enemy Artillery units must end 2N and 3N of enemy Recon.

Day 2:

– Move Recon 3W.
– Move western Infantry 2E and begin capturing neutral city.
– Move remaining Infantry 1E.
– Save here.

Enemy Day 2:

– Your Recon must have 7 HP left after the Recon attack.

Day 3:

– Finish capturing neutral city.
– Destroy enemy Recon with Tank from the east.
– Move Recon 4E 1S.
– Save here.

Enemy Day 3:

– Enemy Infantry must attack your Recon and you must keep 6 HP.
– Your western Infantry must have 8 HP left after repairs.

Day 4:

– Move Tank 1E and destroy enemy Infantry.
– Move Recon 3W 1N.
– Move northern Infantry 2W 1S.
– Save here.

Enemy Day 4:

– Your Infantry must keep 5 HP and enemy Infantry 4 HP.

Day 5:

– Move northern Infantry 3S.
– Move Tank 1W.
– Move Recon 6W 1S.
– Build Rockets in factory.
– Save here.

Enemy Day 5:

– Both your Infantry and enemy Infantry must keep 3 HP.

Day 6:

– Move Rockets 2N 3E.
– Move wounded Infantry 2S.
– Save here.

Enemy Day 6:

– Enemy Infantry must attack your Rockets.

Day 7:

– Move Recon 1N.
– Move Rockets 5E.
– Move Tank 4W and destroy enemy Infantry from the east.
– Move eastern Infantry 3E.

Day 8:

– Move eastern Infantry 2E 1N.
– Move Rockets 2N 1E.
– Move Recon 1S 2E.
– Move Tank 5E 1N.
– Save here.

Enemy Day 8:

– Enemy Mech must have 8 HP after counterattack.

Day 9:

– Move eastern Infantry 3N.
– Save here.
– Attack enemy Anti-Tank with Rockets. You must deal 5 HP of damage.
If this does not happen, reload.
– Move remaining Infantry 1N.
– Move Tank 5N 1E.
– Move Recon 2W 1S.
– Save here.

Enemy Day 9:

– Your Tank must survive.

Day 10:

– Save here.
– Destroy enemy Anti-Tank with Rockets. If this does not happen, reload.
– Move Infantry 3N and begin capturing enemy HQ.
– Move Tank 1W.

Day 11:

– Move Recon 1E 2N and destroy Mech.
– Finish capturing enemy HQ.

Strategy by ALAKTORN. Map image by DieselPheonix.