Advance Wars Returns (AW2) by Vivi The Blossom


Base Game: Advance Wars 2 (U)
Release Date: 1st June 2021
Version 3.3: Download (IPS Format)
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Short Description: A complete new Campaign that plays between AW2 and AW3 with reworked COs and new COP mechanics, complete with a fully new War Room and a PvP map collection in Vs. Mode.



Mod Features:


    • A new campaign with 42 missions in both normal and hard mode
    • 30 new War Room maps
    • AWBW section in Vs. mode
    • Reworked CO Power mechanics and COs

Get it:
3.3 Download Link (IPS Format)

Previous Versions:
3.2 Download Link (IPS Format)
3.1 Download Link (IPS Format)

-Epilogue: Credits text and part 2 trigger properly again
-Oil Panic: Hachi Mode is no longer deactivated upon defeat

-Gaining Ground: Hachi time extended
-Hawke…: Hachi time extended
-Renovation NC: Fixed fighter fuel
-Reduced COP animations: Nell, Flak, Lash, Adder
-Adjusted No Escape and Epilogue’s S-Rank times

If you’ve struggled with the first Hachi challenge or are annoyed at how much time the opponents take to activate their COP(which they get a lot), you should update!

Fixes between Ver. 3.0 and 3.1:

-Flood: Units no longer overlap during starting position
-Oil Panic: Hachi mode also implements the capture race now
-Explosive Storm: secret now works properly
-Balancing Act NC: minor factory changes
-Can Shooting HC: Now more difficult.
-High Aims NC: no longer uses the wrong factory list
-Beyond Human: Breaking Sturm’s deal no longer crashes the game
-Hawke’s Power: Victory properly initiates upon lab capture
-Land!: Using transports won’t summon an unrelated Hachi text anymore
-Swift Strike: Defeat text fix
-In The Crossfire: Terms textbox glitch fix
-Collective Power: Text no longer falsely asserts BH can get COP
-Unbreakable: Lab victory now accounts for bottom labs
-Epilogue: Moved enemy B-copters to prevent bugs
-Epilogue: Capturing the HQ now properly results in an alternate victory

-War Room Missions now adjust the menu colors after intro texts
-The Andy Parable: Puzzle Piece #4 text adjusted
-Holiday Resort: Text error fixed

-Adder’s unlock method changed
-Hachi now unlocks properly and is buyable from the Battleshop