Cost – 5000
APC units transport foot soldiers, ammo, gas, and rations.
6 This unit travels on treads. This is its movement range.
1 This is the unit’s vision range.
70/70 This is the current fuel amount. The unit can no longer move when all the fuel is used.


Weapon 1 Weapon 2
APC carry no weapons and cannot fire. APC carry no weapons and cannot fire.
General Information and Strategy

The APC, short for Armored Personal Carrier, is your land transport.True to its name, it will carry up to one foot soldiers unit wherever it can travel. That’s right, you could move an infantry unit over the APC to load it, transport it and then unload it on any side of the APC for a maximum movement of 10 spaces in one turn! Considering the low movement of infantry and mech, it’s easy to see that these units are essential in the early game.However, the APC simply can’t do everything, and while it is quite sturdy for its cost, it simply has no means to attack. Don’t shrug it off and decide that there’s no use in such a unit later on. You’ll be surprised. The APC can very easily enable you to lead a war of attrition by transporting the cheap mechs from your base to the frontline. Or plan a property capture.And most importantly, the APC can supply any of your unit it can get next too. Planes burn their fuel fast and your land units might need some ammo from time to time, that’s where they come in play. Having one or two out in the field can be a lifesaver at times. And don’t be fooled by its seemingly unlimited capacity to supply other units, the APC will still run out of fuel if you don’t supply it…