Cost – 4000
Recon units have high movement range and are strong against infantry units.
8 Recon units travel on tires. This prevents them from crossing some kind of terrain.
5 Recon units have a large vision range, making them invaluable in Fog of War.
70/70 This is the current fuel amount. The unit can no longer move when all the fuel is used.


Weapon 1 Weapon 2 – M Gun
Recon units are not equipped with primary weapons. The secondary weapon of recon units is the machine gun. They have minimal firepower.
General Information and Strategy

Recon units are named after their primary function, Reconnaissance. Their vision ability is the highest in the game, at a whoppin’ 5 tiles of vision, and their amazing movement range allows them to get you that vision pretty quickly. Recon units are very valuable as Fog of War vision points, but that’s not all they can do.

The low cost combined with the high mobility make the Recon unit the perfect weapon for the capturing phase. It can stop Infantry units without breaking a sweat, and it will usually manage to outspeed T-Copters and APCs to those vital properties. If you want to stop your opponent from capturing and protect your Infantry units at the same time, the Recon is one of the most recommendable units.

They are, however, very weak altogether. It has basically an infantry’s firepower, while being resistant to Infantry fire, but anything above that will completely outpower the jeep. Even Mechs, which are cheaper, will smack the poor Recons into oblivion. As you can see, the Recon is very useful at the early game, but as soon as the tanks make their appearance, they’re quickly sublevated to being simply supportive vision points.

With that said, Recons remain a valuable unit in the early game, and their vision makes them required for almost any army you’d like to deploy on Fog of War. Do not underestimate them.