Damage Changes from AW:DS to AW:DoR

This is an abbreviated list of the unit damage changes from Advance Wars: Dual Strike to Advance Wars: Days of Ruin. It is particularly helpful to see how the roles of units have changed between the two games.

Unit Damage Changes
Attacking UnitDefending UnitDamage ChangeAW3 DamageAW4 Damage
Anti-Air Tank-1025%15%
Anti-Air AW3 Mid Tank/AW4 War Tank-510%5%
Anti-Air Bomber-575%70%
Anti-Air Fighter+565%70%
Anti-Air Transport Copter+15105%120%
Battle Copter Anti-Air-1525%10%
Battle Copter Mech-1075%65%
Battle Copter Missiles-1065%55%
Battle Copter Transport Copter-1095%85%
Battle Copter AW3 Mid Tank/AW4 War Tank+1025%35%
Battle Copter Rockets+1065%75%
Battle Copter APC/Rig+1060%70%
Battle Copter Tank+1555%70%
Battle Copter Recon+2055%75%
Bomber AW3 Mid Tank/AW4 War Tank-2095%75%
Bomber Anti-Air-1095%85%
Bomber Missiles-10105%95%
Bomber Infantry+5110%115%
Infantry Artillery-515%10%
Infantry Rockets-525%20%
Infantry Missiles-525%20%
Infantry Anti-Air-25%3%
Infantry Battle Copter+17%8%
Mech Anti-Air-1065%55%
Mech Battle Copter+39%12%
Missiles Battle Copter+5115%120%
Missiles Transport Copter+5115%120%
Recon Tank+26%8%
Recon Anti-Air+44%8%
Recon Infantry+570%75%
Recon Battle Copter+810%18%
Recon Missiles+2728%55%
Rockets Anti-Air-1085%75%
Rockets Tank-1080%70%
Rockets AW3 Mid Tank/AW4 War Tank-1055%45%
Rockets Missiles-590%85%
Tank AW3 Mid Tank/AW4 War Tank+515%20%
Tank Battle Copter+810%18%
Tank Anti-Air+1065%75%
AW3 Mid Tank/AW4 War Tank Battle Copter+2312%35%