Army: Yellow Comet
Kanbei’s daughter. An intel gathering genius.
Units have great range of vision. Keeps unit HP hidden from enemies. Is plagued by constant bad luck.
Enhanced Vision
Extends vision range of all units. Shows enemy units hidden in woods, reefs and other areas.
Brains are the key to victory, not brawns.

Power Quote
Now you’re gonna get it!

Victory Quote
My strategy was merely better… That is all.

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Unlockables and Secrets

Unlocking COs

Nell: Complete the Advance Campaign
Grit: Choose Max for “Max Strikes!” and Max for “Blizzard Battle” to play “History Lesson” and complete the Campaign
Kanbei: Complete the Campaign
Sonja: Clear “Kanbei Arrives” within 8 days, “Mighty Kanbei” within 10 days and “Kanbei’s Error?” within 12 days to play “Divide and Conquer”, “Sonja’s Goal” and “Sami Marches On” and complete the Campaign
Eagle: Choose Sami for “Captain Drake”, “Naval Clash”, “Battle Mystery” and “Wings of Victory” to play “Rivals!” and clear the Campaign
Drake: Choose Andy for “Captain Drake”, “Naval Clash”, “Battle Mystery” and “Wings of Victory” and clear the Campaign
Sturm: Complete the Campaign and purchase all other COs except for Nell

Game Modes

Advance Campaign: Complete the Campaign

Campaign Secrets

Dogfights: Clear this map in 2 days to get special dialogue
Special Intel: Clear every Field Training mission and return to the mode to play this map
Olaf’s Navy: Win the map by rout (instead of HQ capture) to play “Olaf’s Sea Strike”
Blizzard Battle: Play the map with Max to play “History Lesson”
Kanbei Arrives, Mighty Kanbei and Kanbei’s Error: Clear these maps within 8, 10 and 12 days to play “Divide and Conquer”, “Sonja’s Goal” and “Sami Marches On”
Captain Drake, Naval Clash, Battle Mystery and Wings of Victory: Play all four of these maps with Sami to play “Rivals”
The Final Battle: Your allied COs depend on what path you took throughout the campaign.

OlafBlue MoonClear "Olaf's Sea Strike"
GritBlue MoonClear "History Lesson"
MaxBlue MoonDefault commander for Blue Moon
EagleGreen EarthClear "Captain Drake", "Naval Clash", "Battle Mystery" and "Wings of Victory" with Sami
KanbeiYellow CometClear "Divide and Conquer", "Sonja's Goal" and "Sami Marches On", don't unlock Eagle
DrakeGreen EarthClear "Captain Drake", "Naval Clash", "Battle Mystery" and "Wings of Victory" with Andy, don't unlock Kanbei
SamiGreen EarthDefault commander for Green Earth


“Nintendo” Map: Hold L+R when starting Design Maps to load a special map.
Secret Dialogue: When in Design Maps, attempt to place a unit in an illegal position 50 times in a row. You will get some special dialogue from Nell.

Golden Menus

Field Training: Clear every map in Field Training
Campaign: Clear the Advance Campaign
War Room: Clear every single map in the War Room
Battle Maps: Purchase every single item from Hachi
Rank: Achieve Rank 1: “Gold Dragon”
Records: Achieve an S-Rank on every single War Room map
Stats: Meet the requirements for a golden menu for both “Rank” and “Records”

WR1-00: Overview

Welcome to the War Room!

To many first-time players, when the War Room first unlocks, it’s not clear exactly what it is. But there isn’t really a whole lot to it; it’s just a series of extra maps that you can play on for score and to earn coins for Battle Maps. There’s no plot to it and completing War Room maps won’t unlock anything. Completing all 20 maps, regardless of rank, will turn the Records entry under the Stats menu gold; S-Ranking all 20 maps will turn the War Room entry on the menu gold. Those are the only rewards you’ll get, aside from the coins and whatever sense of accomplishment it gives you.

If you’re up for the challenge, then read on.

Guide Goals

Our goals for this guide are to explain to you how to get a perfect score of 999 on all maps with any available CO. This is actually possible, though very difficult in some cases. In general, this will take the form of day-to-day guides for a quick HQ capture, but some maps are too complex for that.
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