Basic Information

Game Platform:

  • Super Nintendo

Release Dates:

  • Japan: 1st May 1998

Digital Re-release Dates:
Wii Virtual Console:

  • Japan: 16th February 2010

Wii U Virtual Console:

  • Japan: 2nd October 2013

New Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console:

  • Japan: 28th November 2016

Other Information:

  • Players: 1 to 4
  • Game Mode: Single Player, Single-System Multiplayer
  • Virtual Console Game Mode: Single Player, Single-System Multiplayer

Mr. Yamamoto

Alliance: Freelance
Theme: Track 7
Skill Level:
Memo: A legendary General. Commands an elite army.
AI Type: Balanced Offence & Defence
Elite – All units start at Rank 2, even when not in Level up Mode.

A very powerful CO. Has the advantage of having better troops than everyone else. With two rank ups on all of his troops, he has at minimum 140% firepower for all units, which can only increase in experience mode. Well balanced AI and terrifying stats mean that facing this AI is a challenge to end all challenges.

Billy Gates

Alliance: Freelance
Theme: Track 6
Skill Level:
Memo: Son of a rich father. He possesses ample war funds and loves to play wargames.
AI Type: Balanced Offence & Defence
Gains an extra 10,000G per Day

A very rich CO. A ridiculous funds advantage over the opponent means that Billy can quite easily build better level units compared to the opposition, and that he can quite easily dominate small maps, while being a dangerous foe in larger maps. Makes a good opponent if you want a challenge.


Alliance: Freelance
Theme: Track 5
Skill Level:
Memo: Can attack with great strength for no known reason. She is nicknamed the “Lucky Girl”.
AI Type: Balanced Offence & Defence
Lucky – Has the potential to do extra bonus damage in combat.

Caroline’s the first of the super COs. Possessing very good luck, she will often inflict a lot of extra damage on the troops that she attacks. Especially when on the defence, you might want to think twice before engaging her in battle. A very tough opponent to face, especially as she has a very good AI, plus her awesome luck abilities as well. A challenging opponent.


Alliance: Yellow Comet
Theme: Track 4
Skill Level:
Memo: “Stand strong for the People” is his motto. Will defend his units, but his attacking tactics are weak.
AI Type: Defensive with unit spam.

The commander of Yellow Comet. This AI brings a new meaning to mech spam. While not very aggressive at capturing land and attacking you, taking the base away from this AI is an absolute nightmare. Despite the low skill level, be prepared for a long, drawn out battle when you face Hetler.


Alliance: Blue Moon
Theme: Track 2
Skill Level:
Memo: A normal commander, but he often makes a lot of mistakes.
AI Type: Balanced, but with poor judgment.

Blue Moon’s Commanding officer. Bitter rival of Yuan, but not anywhere near his equal. Rojenski will be the easiest AI you will face, and makes a lot of exploitable mistakes for you to take advantage of.