Army: Intelligent Defence Systems
The head of the private military contractor IDS. He seeks a world where he is free to carry out his terrible experiments.
Unlock: Complete C26 “Sunrise”
Zone: 3 Tiles
Boosts: All units
Offence: (+60%)
Defence: (+60%)
Ability: Supreme Boost
Strengthens and adds HP to units in the CO Zone. If funds are available at the start of each turn, units in the CO Zone are repaired by 5 HP.
CO Power: No CO Power

Von Bolt

Army: Black Hole Tag Partners
The new commander-in-chief of the Black Hole Forces. An old man who has been alive a very long time. None
Unlock: Complete the Hard Campaign
Long life
Young ‘uns!
All units have superior firepower and defence.
Von Bolt has no CO Power
Ex Machina
Fires shock waves that paralyse and cause 3 HP of damage to all forces in range. Damaged units must skip their next turn.
Power Quote
No matter how powerful…hhh…you are, you’re still…hhh…a worm on a hook…
Even death…hhh…fears me…
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Army: Black Hole
Commander of Black Hole’s forces. A mysterious invader from another world.
Unlock: Complete the Campaign with an S Rank average
All units have superior firepower. Movement cost is equal over all terrain types. Weak in the snow.
Sturm focuses all of his energy on his Super CO Power, which is so strong that he does not need a normal CO Power.
Meteor Strike
Pulls a giant meteor from space, which does 8 HP of damage to all affected units. Increases his units’ firepower & defence.
Power Quote
“Burning earth!!!”
Victory Quote
“You will learn to fear my power!”
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