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Friday, October 24th, 2014
Name: Royal Vanguard Captain: Dawson

Description: Dawson is a fairly tall person, and has a very powerful look about him. His dark hair shrouds his kind eyes, and he usually pushes it back with a smile. He is a kind commander though, and gets along well with others. His carefree attitude veils his underlying determination. He's become quite a fatherly figure to Sarah and Julie, with them always looking to him for help when they need it. He and Alexei are seen as the best of comrades, always together, laughing in the good times and focused in the bad. Against Orange Star, he's made a few enemies. Nell and Max detest Dawson with a fiery passion, while Hachi would go so far as to hunt Dawson down, just to silence another witness to his war crimes. Andy and Sami are too young to know anything about what happened to the Crimson Eclipse, so they show no difference towards him. Dawson (and the rest of the CE COs for that matter) are hated by OS because of negative propaganda spread by Hachi, who is doing that to cover up the crimes of war he committed during the battles.

Bio: Dawson was the commander of a large army in the country of Crimson Eclipse. Crimson Eclipse was on the verge of defeat by a group of rebels called "Orange Star." Dawson was ordered by the King, to take Alexei, Sarah, and Julie, and put them into good hands. Dawson fled the country as ordered, and left them in the care of Eagle. He trained in a mountainous yellow comet area after this, and honed his tactical skills. When he learned of the attacks on Orange Star, he knew that this was his chance to strike at them, and revive his long lost home of Crimson Eclipse. He, Alexei, Sarah, and Julie have grouped together to form the new Crimson Eclipse army, and strike out against Orange Star's battered forces, so that they can drive back the invaders and reclaim their crumbled monarchy.

: Carefree afternoons, sunrises.
: Death, Orange Star.

: Dawson's units are very friendly towards citizenship, and are able to heal 2HP on neutral properties(only if the right type, a B copter cannot heal on a city, but a mech can,) and 1HP on hostile or allied properties. Because of their altruism, The cities are more willing to convert to his cause, giving all his footsoldiers a +1 capture rate. All units are 100/100.

Dawsons units however, end up doing whatever they can to please the civilians, and use 1.25 times the normal funds to heal on neutral properties, and 1.50 times the normal cost to heal on hostile properties. Allied properties are 1.25 times the normal cost. Dawson's units are very active in their own communities, and spend some extra money whenever able to, so his units take 1.25 times the normal cost to heal on his own properties.

Power Meter:

: Chakra
Dawson's units focus their spirit into an energy they can weild. All units recover 3HP on his own or neutral properties, and 2HP on hostile/allied properties. properties(as stated above, only if the right type) They will heal the improved amount if on a property, at the beginning of Dawson's NEXT turn(when the power fades). Costs for healing on any property is the same, but the extra 1 HP healed is repaired as if it were a unit of Andy's. If a unit does not end their turn on a property that can heal them, they recieve a 20% defense bonus, totalling up to 120% on 0 Star terrain.

CO Power Quotes: "Don't forget about the people! A the war will mean nothing if there's noone to return to!" "A calm mind helps more than any medicine."

: Astral Projection
Dawson's units focus their mind and spirit to such an extent, their spirit leaves their body, and fights along with it. In addition to the effects of the COP, Dawson's units do 120% of the damage they would normally do. A 10HP infantry would deal damage as a 12HP one would, a 5HP unit would deal damage as a 6HP one, etc.(rounded down, if needed) The astral projection also takes 20% of attack damage. After the 20% damage is taken(two damage) the astral projection fades, and the unit is damaged normally. 30% deals 1 damage, but the second time the unit was attacked for 30%, it takes 3 damage. Recieves an overall +20 defense instead of the standard +10.

Super CO Power Quotes: "We cannot be defeated now, the people need us." "Our time for death will wait."

Victory quote: "Hopefully, there will never be another Orange Dawn."
War Room Victory Quote: "Now, everyone can rest easy..."

S-Rank Ratings:

Rate #2
ThrawnFett,Mar 29 2005, 02:40 AM

Name: See last rate... 4/5
Bio: Added some, great character and whatnot 10/10
Quotes: I like the additions. 4/5

Ability: I like the new capturing ability, it works very well with the character. It's not a major advantage, but it can help at key times. However, my biggest problem still hasn't been addressed. To reiterate it, if a unit is more expensive to repair, I'll just join instead and get normal repair costs. You need to find some way to neutralize that problem, either by reducing the extra money gained from joining or some other disadvantage to joining (I'm sure you can think of something). As it stands, I'll give you a few more points for the capturing, but the abilities still need a little work. 33/40

COP: The changes and clarifications make this COP work very well. 20/20

SCOP: See COP. 20/20

Total Rank: 91/100 --> S Rank Well, He gets an S Rank, but I think the abilities are holding him down. Fixing the joining problem will definitely fix him and I'd be more satisfied with the S Rank. However, I'm not gonna deduct a few points just to hold him down, he earned his points in all the categories. Good job on him. You have received my second S Rank ever.

Rate #8
Linkman 145, May 11 2005, 12:50 PM

Name: Standard. 3/5.
-2, Nothing special.

Description/Bio: Interesting and detailed, very nice. What's his relation with Eagle, though? 10/10.
-0, Excellent.

Quotes: Pretty nice. 4/5.
-1, Outstanding but not excellent.

Design Total: 17/20.
-3, Very good!

Ability: Interesting... Small strength, small weakness. But very original too. Looks pretty balanced, but isn't it TOO small? I mean, to be frank, I hardly ever heal. I'd much rather keep the unit how it is or join it; repairs take far too long and cost far too much. So basically, this skill is just to improve foot soldiers, who actually benefit somewhat from the healing... Well, it seems a bit overpowered. Repairs cost more, yes, but just having the ability to heal in opposing properties when needed is a powerful strength already. It's as balanced as it can get, but I can't help noticing the inherent strength Dawson has. Still, since it's so small, it doesn't matter. 37/40.
-3, Just a teeny weeny bit overpowered.

CO Power: Great, with this I could think of healing more often! And a decent boost to use sparingly. Love it. 20/20.
-0, Perfect!

Super CO Power: Not bad... The projection idea is interesting, but I think it's a bit too strong... If the unit is 120/120, then the shield that takes 20% will absorb more than half of a 55% attack... which Dawson will now counter with 120% attack. Which is definitely strong, but is balanced by the fact it only works once. It's pretty good, just a bit overpowered, since the unit is safe until the spirit's wiped out, you're basically eliminating 2 damage points, which also means higher counters... 18/20.
-2, the whole projection thing is a bit overpowered...

Technical Total: 76/80.
-4, Great!

Total: 92/100 -

He rocks, definitely. I pointed out my small complaints, but they're probably unfixable . Congratulations for the S-rank!

With the DS Wifi service shutting down in May, did you ever play AW4 online?


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