New Hacks Uploaded

Two new hacks have been uploaded to the site for you to play! The first is Advance Wars Story by PlatinumSkink for Advance Wars 2. It is a full campaign for you to play and enjoy!

The second is Advance Wars Balance by Kartal. It is a rebalance of the Advance Wars 1 COs for a more competitive Vs mode experience.

Give them both a play today, and give the authors feedback on their project posts on the forum, or discuss on the discord.

IRC Decommissioned

It’s been a few months of service issues of the IRC server used for WWN, so from this point it’s no longer going to be active. Before the server issues, the number of users in the channel were minimal regardless, so it’s time. The IRC channel information and the mibbit quicklink have now been removed from the frontpage, and the chat category quicklinks at the top of the page have been merged with the forums and news links.

The Discord and Forums are still active (and will continue to be so!) so keep using them as you already do.

Minimum Turns 300 Pts Dual Strike Run by dxdydzd

User dxdydzd has put together an amazing youtube playlist showing a minimum turn-count S-Rank run of the entire campaign. Each one of the map playthroughs match or beat the current “lowest turn counts” for each of these missions. For some maps with alternative best turn counts (e.g. Snow Hunters with/without the Lab Map), both routes are shown, too!

You can watch it below, or here from this direct link.