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Mission 03
Mission 03
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Oracle of Wuffing

Tutorial Final Battle: Unexpected Allies
Tutorial Final Battle: Unexpected Allies


Tutorial Final Battle: Unexpected Allies
Description: The Final Battle! Can Skimpy finally defeat Lash?

-The tcopter is only available if you captured an airport in "Campaign Tutorial 4"





Skimpy: Okay Lash! This is the end of the road for you!
Lash: Oh really...
Colin: We both are ready to defeat you and end this! Surrender now!
Lash: Teehee...
Skimpy: What?
Lash: You attack, and those units down there go kabloom!
Skimpy: What? Hostages?
Colin: Look! She has some units down there trapped!
Lash: Don't come any further.
Skimpy: There are bases down there, I think I can get down there with my transport copter and capture them.
Colin: Okay then, if you insist, I'll use my tanks to hold Lash's assault off.
Kanbei: Hah! It is Orange Star!
Skimpy: Who...who are you?
Kanbei: Speak no more! Mighty Kanbei will crush you and the rest of Orange Star's traitors!
Skimpy: What did I do?
Lash: Huh? Oh, it's the samurai!
Kanbei: What are YOU doing here?
Lash: This Orange Star CO stole something I needed, and now I'm getting revenge.
Kanbei: I do not wish to work with you, but if it is vengeance you seek, Kanbei will ride with you!
Colin: Emperor! You are teaming up with Black Hole?
Kanbei: Colin! Why are you here? Orange Star is out to destroy us all!
Skimpy: Wait, I didn't do anything. Lash was the one who attacked me!
Lash: Quit the chitchat, it's battling time!

Objectives: Defeat Lash
Bonus: Defeat Lash without defeating Kanbei for added bonuses in later missions.


Skimpy: We won!
Kanbei: I...lost...
Colin: Emperor! Please explain your deeds!
Kanbei: I need no explanation, it is Nell who owes us an explanation!
Skimpy: Huh? What did she do?
Kanbei: Well, because of her, my daughter, Sonja, is in trouble! I came here to stop the attack.
Colin: Wait...let's go see Nell.
Soldier: We have Lash in custody, sir.
Colin: What is it you want?
Lash: This does not concern Blue Moon.
Skimpy: If it concerns us, Blue Moon is in it too!
Lash: It doesn't matter. We'll all be dead in a matter of minutes.
Kanbei: Another self-destruct device?
Lash: Heehee, toodles then!
Colin: What?
Lash: Fooled you! Sometimes the easiest solution is the simplest!
Skimpy: Hurry! After her!
Colin: Argh! How could we fall to such a stupid trick???
Kanbei: Bah, let her go for now. We have more important matters.
Skimpy: Do you know where we are?
Kanbei: Actually, this isn't far from Yellow Comet. We will go there, and you will explain exactly what has been happening.
Skimpy: But I don't even know what is happening?
Kanbei: You will contact Nell and ask her then.
Skimpy: But--
Olaf: COLIN!!
Colin: C-c-commander Olaf! Good-good day!
Colin: I-I-just wanted to-
Colin: Y-yes...sir.
Skimpy: Commander Olaf sir, Colin was a great help today. Without him, Lash would have won.
Olaf: Do you have any idea what Colin has done? He put all of Blue Moon in jeopardy!
Kanbei: That reminds me, we need to speak about that new security system...
Olaf: Not now! Colin, our escort is here. When we get back to Blue Moon, there will be consequences.
Colin: Y-yes...s-sir...
Kanbei: Come on. There is a copter waiting for us.
Skimpy: Umm..okay...I'll go...
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I don't get the story, and is this the fianl battle?
08.10.2005 10:29  

Join Date: 30.10.2005
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Final battle + tutoriail? o_O
31.10.2005 02:18 Offline bog-bog david at

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